Miessence Organic Skincare

A few little Miessence Organic Skincare sachet samples landed on my door mat last week.  

As a more mature woman who has good skin, albeit a little sensitive, I am always keen to try pure new products to avoid the – ‘tight, dry, just out of the tumble dryer’ feeling my skin sometimes has. 2013-10-29 12.26.10Miessence certainly suits my skin and I unashamedly admit to cutting the sachet open and wiping every single remaining visible particle onto my skin.

Remember as we age our skin changes. We lose elasticity of our skin and as elastin levels fall so our skin … well… drops. Our skin becomes thinner, more transparent and more fragile.  Older skin tends to bruise more easily as small blood vessel walls thin. These are some of the reasons I try be a little more choosey about what I put on my skin.

I want to absorb ‘nice’ not ‘nasty’ through my thinner and more friable skin. With lessened fat layers in older skin I imagine rather than being stored in fat ‘nasties’ will enter my blood stream more rapidly. So, when I read – ‘this product contains’ … and the label reads like produce gathered from a garden or greengrocer I feel comfortable. I am happy with the familiarity and happy to absorb goodness through my epidermal layers.

I recognise names like:- rosehip seed oil, jojoba seed oil, aloe vera leaf juice, bitter orange extract, lavender essential oil, chamomile, calendula and grapefruit seed oils that are contained in Miessence.

I don’t recognise or want to absorb Parbens, Triethanolamine or Ethanol through my changing skin layers.

Certified organic skincare Miessence really has no added rubbish and the products are preservative free. Interestingly if a product says 100% beneficial ingredients it means that every ingredient must be beneficial and contain no colours, preservatives or gunk that is included in other products like pH adjusters and consistency modifiers.

My desert island ‘moisturiser to save’ – Rejuvenating Moisturiser for dry/mature skin  Smells great with Rose essential oils and Chamomile. I used it at night and the next morning my skin felt so flexible and hydrated. No greasy chip experience with this product. Products included are herbs, fruit, flower extracts, avocado , nettle and horsetail among many others. 

The guidance says to warm in the palm of your hand until it reaches skin temperature. It makes a difference with ease of application and the scent ..ahhhh summer time revisited, released with warmth.

Why do we ask about a product – does it work? Seems a daft question to me as we are all different and it is important to chose the range within any product that meets or exceeds our expectations.

Does it meet my expectations ? Answer –  it exceeds my expectations and, if you want to buy me some here it would make my day so thank you in advance :-)  

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